Major George Conrad is a lunatic, obsessed by the war, a patriotic chauvinist – and he should save the world. He receives an order of the highest security classification from the ex-president of the United States: together with an absolutely cracked élite command, equipped with unusual abilities, he should fly to the moon and drill there for available oil resources.

The mission is financed by two rich sheikh brothers who have formed an alliance with the Americans. Finally, a pipeline must be laid from the moon to the earth. And this costs. Should the mission succeed, the world peace is temporarily protected. But nobody among the partners is who he seems to be: even as the peace mission has arrived it`s climax, everything gets out of control…


Director:  Flo Lackner

Cast: David Hofer (Major George Conrad), Charles Rettinghaus (Michael McConnor), Tim Seyfi (Prince Sayf- Al- Din), Gunther Gillian (Eim Store), Ingo Kowatsch (Lt. Warren Magnus), Daniel Leeb (Charly Miles),Julia Rosa Stöckl (Hala), Elma Alijagic (Alina), Janina Flieger (Conny), Wolfgang Bahro (Will Magnus), Udo Schenk (Igor Oleg), Christian Köfer (Billy Queen), Pierre Geisensetter (Secretary of defense), Santiago Ziesmer (Small Scrawny Little Man), Tom Hanslmaier (Vitalii Oleg) and Tim Wilde (Lt. Viceman)